Country Stone Wall For Your Cottage

06 Aug, 2020

The cottage is a symbol of open-air living. It is a sacred place to unplug from life in the city, take reprieve from everyday stresses, and immerse in the natural elements of the outdoors. There’s a growing trend to bring the earthy aesthetic to the interiors of this calming sanctuary.

The question is: how do you use stone veneers to bring the magnificence, serenity, and roughness of your surroundings to indoor spaces? 

The inherent beauty set in stone makes Erth Coverings veneers versatile options for fireplaces, feature walls, kitchen floors and backsplashes.




Bring rich shadows and high texture to the heart of the cottage by applying hand-chiseled stone panels to the fireplace. The Dover Cascade is a soft beige limestone veneer which exudes the perfect balance between serene, calming patterns and dramatic appeal. Cascade panels are easy-to-install, lightweight and adaptable. Fossil Cascade is a contemporary grey marble option for ledgestone cladding a fireplace. The fossil cascade adds lavish to indoor spaces adding depth and richness to any surface. 

For a rustic appeal to a fireplace try drystack ledgestone cladding. Erth offers a series of natural stones that are fast and easy to install. Drystack ledgestone options include the Canyon, comprised of natural quartzite with a neutral colour palette, or the timeless Tundra option which utilizes a grey colour palette with splashes of earthy tones mixed in.The drystack ledgestone cladding will transform the fireplace and add new warmth and coziness to your space. 


Feature Wall


Moving away from the fireplace, the next indoor option is the feature wall.  Stone veneers are an increasingly popular choice for accent walls (think of the trendy rock accent wall in living rooms) because of their inherent ability to bring texture without compromising on openness and brightness. Erth carries a bevy of covering options, including strips and panels, for establishing a focal point in bedrooms, hallways, doorways, staircases and living spaces. 

Strips provide clean, sharp lines and amazing shadow effects, the Erth’s Strips collection represents the pinnacle of modern sophisticated design. The Lavastone option is a lovely charcoal basalt, which is rich and dark with sharp, crisp edges and clean lines. The Lavastone strip brings sleek appeal to any space.

Panels are skilfully designed comprising clean sharp cuts, arranged varying thickness and are ideal for accent walls with depth, and natural vibrant colours. The Silver Fox panel is a stunning contemporary limestone which boasts a range of cool grey tones. Silver Fox panels would make an essential addition to the bedroom by installing a feature wall tucked behind the bed frame.  

The White Wolf 3D panels bring the beauty of nature to any accent wall. It’s name says it all, the panel personifies the wild with a stunning grey coloured marble, with light and dark veins running throughout the panel. Bring drama to your décor by installing the White Wolf panel to the doorway, it will feel like you are stepping through portable into the wild. 

The White Wolf pattern also comes in the Hex covering. The Hex collection consists of precision crafted natural stone tiles made of stunning white marble. The Hex pattern is the ideal complement to kitchen floors and backsplashes.




The last stop on the tour is the bathroom. Erth Pebble Collection channels the most elemental characteristics nature has to offer. Centuries of slow erosion caused by turbulent water transforms each stone until it is rounded and smooth to the touch. Ivory Blend River Pebbles are a perfect mix of clean beige and natural tones and are the final touch in transforming a bathroom into a tranquil spa retreat.

Now that you have all these ideas and you’re feeling  inspired, maybe you're wondering where to find them. Click the link below to start creating the cottage of your dreams


To find the right materials and the colours that meet your preferences and suit your needs, look no further than Erth coverings veneers. Browse our natural stone veneers: Timeworn Bricks and Masonry Blend