How to select the right natural stone for your home.

05 Jun, 2020

It goes without saying that natural stone is an integral part of any stylish home. However, due to the array of stunning options to choose from, it's easy to become confused about which one's the right fit for your place. After all, there's more to these materials than just their appearance, as they're comprised of many structural elements, too.

If you're not sure where to start, don't fret! We've rounded up the key considerations you should make when selecting the right natural stone for your home.

The first thing to consider when choosing natural stone for your home is where you plan to install it. Are you thinking about using natural stone for your countertops? The Spruce notes that marble is great for the kitchen, since it's rather durable and heat-resistant. Or, are you planning to incorporate natural stone into your bathroom? Then, limestone is an ideal choice because it not only absorbs water, but it also has a sleek matte finish.

If you're seeking to take your room's visual appeal up a notch with an accent wall, you should look for a natural stone with a distinct texture like quartzite to really make it stand out. Not to mention, this material is a lovely choice for the outdoors as well. Indeed, we've previously shared on our 'Choosing The Perfect Location For Your Stone Accent Wall' post that our quartzite Tundra Rock Face stone is an excellent material for exterior walls. Overall, it's important to not just think about how the stone's appearance will affect the room's design, but what elements they'll be exposed to as well.

Heat and Weather
There are certain types of stones that work well under different climates. In this regard, choosing the right stone for your walls and floors will not only help you stay comfortable, but it also helps you lower your energy costs at home. HomeServe points out how good insulation is one of the best ways to lower bills, as it creates a barrier between inside and outside temperatures. Natural stones like basalt and limestone are better at absorbing heat in your walls and floors, which make them a fitting choice for homes in colder climates. But if you live somewhere that's warmer, be sure to choose options such as limestone and sandstone because these stones can produce a cooling effect.

What makes natural stone materials so captivating is that they all have their own distinct pattern. Whether it's veins or grains, you can think of a stone's pattern as their own unique personality. On that note, it's essential to select one that matches the interior design style of your room. For instance, marble is known for its eye-catching veins and swirls, which add an element of sophistication to any room. Meanwhile, limestone has a fossilized pattern that provides a rustic touch.

Undoubtedly, the color of the stone makes a huge impact on any home's design and overall theme. If you’re looking to create a modern neutral look, then you can lean on subtle colors and warm accents like autumn maple, copper, or brass. And natural stones like marble and limestone will bring effortlessly chic feel to your home, while also creating an inviting space. But of course, since these are on the lighter side of the spectrum, keeping them pristine is key. To this end, you should avoid acidic cleaners, and opt for a pH-balanced cleaner instead when cleaning natural stone.

In contrast to the simplicity of the lighter colors, natural stones with darker hues, such as quartzite and basalt will provide a more dramatic flair to your home. In fact, Verywell Mind highlights that the color black makes people feel powerful and even mysterious. Although these tones are much easier to maintain, it's best to use them as an accent in your design to not shrink the space.

From polished and flamed, to leather and veneer, there are loads of finishes for natural stones. However, these surfaces go beyond aesthetics, as they play a key role in function, too. For instance, a polished finish can do wonders for elevating your home's visual appeal, thanks to its glossy texture. On the other hand, these smooth surfaces should be avoided for flooring due to their slippery texture. In this regard, opt for non-slip natural finishes like leather or anything with a matte tone for high-traffic areas in your home.

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Written by Alyson Jones


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