Man Made Stone OR Natural Stone

19 Nov, 2021

Whether it is upgrading a fireplace or adding a feature wall, homeowners often debate between man-made stones or natural stones. Choosing between the two can come down to personal preference as well as important factors such as cost, texture and colour. Let’s look at some of the key differences between the two.


Man-made stones are manufactured by using technology to mimic the realistic qualities of a natural stone such as texture and color. With time, technological advances have allowed man-made stones to be manufactured in large quantities which helps create a lower price point for the stone. Since man-made stones are manufactured, their colours are created with pigments that are just found on the outside while being concrete on the inside. Natural stones are quarried from the earth and their beauty lies in their features of imperfection, raw textures and color variations that have been formed over millions of years. This beauty lies throughout the stone itself.


Natural stones are vastly unique. No two stones are alike. The color of the natural stone is acquired from the minerals found in the stones. These minerals give the natural stones their personality and they can withstand any environment, which is one of the reasons why they maintain their color and texture throughout their life and uphold their value. Natural stones are more durable and ever-lasting. The same can’t be said about man-made stones. Man-made stones can deteriorate over time and can be damaged when exposed to natural elements like sunlight, dirt, oil, rain and wind. 


When selecting a stone for your next home project, keep in mind the differences and make an informed decision to get the best outcome possible. It is very important to go through the pros and cons. This will ensure that there are no surprises at the end of the project. Oftentimes the price of the stone is the only aspect kept in mind without realizing the installation cost of the final project. 

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