Planning an exterior natural stone project

04 Jun, 2020

The outside of your home is where guests develop their first impression when they arrive at your humble abode. When you improve your landscaping, you increase your property’s value by enhancing its curb appeal. 

Exterior stone veneers effectively tie together nature and style. Products come in lots of shapes, sizes, and colours, which all depict a specific mood and visual appeal. 

For instance, create an outdoor spa, update your home’s façade, or frame an alfresco fireplace using natural stone veneers. You’ll love how easy products from Erth Coverings are to work with and the number of options that we carry.   

You may wish to use a mixture of light and dark colours to give your project dynamic levels. Or, select a bright palette to create the illusion of more space. Whichever design you choose, make it your own and stick with your vision. After all, you are the one who will be enjoying it each day. 

Once you recognize that your outdoor space needs a makeover, consider these steps when planning your project. 


1. Examine the space you want to improve

It’s easy to determine that you want to have a feature wall or change outside of your home. The trick is examining the space as a whole and how the stone you choose will work with other elements in your front or backyard. 

For example, make sure that you’re thinking about existing components like pathways, patios, and greenery that need to work in harmony with your natural stone veneer selections. 


2. Create a design plan

When you’ve decided where to make improvements in your home’s exterior, draw a sketch of your space. Remember to include things like slopes in the land, permanent items like trees, and areas to entertain. Including approximate measurements will give you an idea of how much room you have to design and the amount of materials that you’ll need.  

After completing your sketch, make several copies that you can draw on to help you visualize where you’d like to make enhancements. You might discover that more than one area needs your attention. 


3. Make a budget

While you’re designing, let your imagination run wild. The sky is the limit! However, when you’re making your final plan, bring your vision down to earth and find a way to make it happen within your means. 

Remember to budget the amount of money you need for your exterior design project and your time. You might also need to consider things like investing in protection from the elements if your project takes over a few days and the weather calls for rain. 


4. Decide on the materials you’d like to use

One benefit of choosing natural stone veneers for an outdoor design project is that they work in many settings. They also add an organic touch that flows effortlessly from outside to inside if you use them indoors.

For the ultimate rustic look, try a product like Tundra Rock Face. This natural stone veneer is hand-split from natural quartzite and features a lovely array of blues, greys, and browns. It’s perfect for cottages and backyard areas in need of an ultra textured product.  

Consider using Silver Fox Large Strips if you’re in the market for a clean and elegant theme for the facade of your home. With its sophisticated grey tones and smooth limestone pattern, this natural stone veneer is ideal for achieving a modern aesthetic. 

After choosing your natural stone veneers, make sure you have the tools and materials needed to bring the project together. For instance, items like mortar and sealant (if required) should also be on your list.


5. Choose to do the work alone or hire a professional 

Choosing natural stone veneers is an excellent selection if you’re someone who loves to tackle projects on your own. Products from Erth Coverings look beautiful, and they also last a very long time with little maintenance requirements. 

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to do it yourself, we can help! Learn how to install stone veneer on an exterior wall by visiting our Resources section for tips and answers to frequently asked questions. You can also ask one of our team members for advice. 

On the other hand, if your project is too much for you to handle alone, consider hiring a contractor or handyperson to assist you in making your exterior renovation dreams come true. 

We hope that these preparation tips help make your natural stone veneer project easier to plan for and manage. If you need ideas before you begin, take a look at our Inspirational Gallery for different ways products from Erth Coverings can be used outside your home. 


To find the right materials and the colours that meet your preferences and suit your needs, look no further than Erth coverings veneers. Browse our Exterior Stone Veneer