How To Tell When Your Tiles and Veneers Need A Makeover

15 Jul, 2021

We've all been there. We've all had a sense of overwhelming joy after installing new tiles and veneers. It's like Christmas for adults. The makeover space brings new life to a home. There's definitely something special about installing tiles and veneers that make these projects stand out from other renovations. Stone veneers are unique because they have properties that make them suitable for exterior or interior uses. They can be placed on the exterior walls of your home or by the fireplace. Tiles bring a dynamic feel to walls or floors in common spaces like the kitchen and bathroom. Tiles bring a neat and clean look and are also durable, which is great for families with young children.  




Whether you are installing stone veneer sidings or tiles, like all good things, eventually, the material will show its age. A few years down the road, that feeling of joy you once had will ultimately fade. It may even give you an ache. Before your joy turns into agony, it is important to recognize the signs for a makeover so that you can recapture that look of pristine. A benefit of a new makeover is you can adapt the tiles or veneers to suit your new needs. Perhaps over the years, you have made lifestyle changes, like the kids leaving the nest. Now may be the perfect time for retiling your surfaces. Here are the signs that will inform you when it's time for a makeover. 




Mould has made an appearance 


Mould is more common in tiles than stone veneers sidings because tiles are commonly used in wet bathrooms and make for the perfect environment for mould. Sometimes mould can appear in cracked tiles. Sure there are treatments for mould removal, but take a close look at the grout between your tiles. The tiles themselves may look in good shape, but you may have mould in the grout. If there is mould, then it is time to make a change. Replacing tiles will help improve your challenge with mould. For more tips, check out Life Your Way’s blog on the 3 Signs You Need New Tile in the Bathroom here




Chips and Cracks 


Eventually, you will find that your tiles and stone veneers will show cracks and chips. These are natural signs of wear and tear. Depending on your lifestyle, you may not see any cracks or chips for a long time. However, if you have young children or a lot of family in the home, some physical damage will eventually start to show. The visual impairment will ruin the appeal. Porcelain tiles can be fixed when cracked, but cracks are difficult. Whether you opt to repair the cracks, ultimately, the look and feel of the tile won't be the same.  




It's Time for a New Look  


When the feeling of having a fresh and clean look starts to fade, and you start to tell yourself it's time for a change, then you are ready for a makeover. There's no telling exactly when you will begin to look at your space a different way. Hopefully, it's a few years after the first makeover was completed. Sometimes your material will start to have stains or marks that you can't remove. At times you may just feel like you are ready for a different look. Renovations may require a financial and time investment, but the feeling you get once the project is complete will be amazing. When taking the plunge for resurfacing your walls or floors, make sure you do the research. 


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