Stacked Stone Fireplace: 4 Tips for Creating a Masterpiece

28 Nov, 2019

Investing in a stacked stone fireplace adds value to your home and can enhance your living environment. 

Choosing to update your home takes time and involves careful planning. After establishing your design direction and what you want your ideal living space to look like, the rest is easy.

One part of the home that is always in need of a facelift is an old fireplace. Over time, dust, dirt and soot collect into tiny crevices and become impossible to clean. No matter how hard you try, it will never look as it did before you lit your first fire. 

You could decide to demolish the whole thing, hire a crew and spend tens of thousands of dollars remodelling your home. Or, create a stacked stone fireplace and make all of your design worries disappear.  

Thin veneer natural stone products are available in a variety of options, simple to install and last a very long time. You'll likely install them once and love them forever. 

Here a few things that you'll need to consider when choosing to reface your fireplace and create a stacked stone masterpiece.

1. Analyze your fireplace and the area around it.

Refacing your fireplace gives you an opportunity to enhance the mood of the area around it or change it into something new. Stacked stone gives you the option to select something that matches pre-existing surroundings or even introduces a feature that becomes the focus of the room. 

For example, choosing bold contrasting colours is one way to make your stacked stone fireplace stand out. If your room craves dynamic dimensions, try pairing a light wall colour with a dark natural stone. 

Charcoal Lavastone Strips from Erth Coverings feature clean lines and dramatic shadow effects, which add sophistication and depth.

However, if you're striving for elegance, choosing a neutral stone with a neutral wall colour might be your best option. For instance, pairing a warm beige wall colour with a light natural stone colour featuring delicate patterns, like Grey Silver Fox Ledgestone, creates harmony and tranquillity in a room.     

2. Gather all of your materials before beginning. 

Before you begin refacing your fireplace, take a moment to prepare your workspace. Your goal is to create an environment where your tools are accessible, you have enough space to move around, and all of the necessary materials are present. 

Assemble items like mortar, a mixing bucket and a sponge to clean your area as you work. It's also essential to have starter strips, a level, measuring tape, notched trowel, a wet saw to cut individual pieces, and professional-grade natural stone penetrating sealer.

It's helpful to lay out your natural stone pieces and visualize the pattern you want to create. You have the power to decide how the stone works together and what look you want to achieve. 

3. Don't rush. Important projects take time.

Refacing your fireplace with natural stone doesn't have to take a long time, but there's no need to rush. 

Enjoy choosing the perfect product and laying it out until you are happy with the pattern. Then, carefully work through each stage of the installation. If there's a deadline, like having your stacked stone fireplace complete before a special event, give yourself ample time to finish it. 

4. Take care of your natural stone.

After you have completed your project, it's important to let your stacked stone fireplace rest for at least 24 hours. This ensures that the stone properly adheres to the wall. If required, you might also need to seal your natural stone to protect against damage. For daily maintenance, wipe down your stacked stone fireplace with a damp cloth or vacuum it to remove dust.