Premium Heritage Collection.


World renowned stone & glass artisan Giovanni Barbieri, a master in his craft, is producing some of the most beautiful stone artwork of this generation.

At the age of 18, Giovanni Barbieri established F.LLI Barbieri, a family owned business producing tumbled marble in 1984. At the age of 22, Giovanni became interested in all aspects of design and began focusing on the production and development of new patented products, which is a passion he still holds today. Giovanni Barbieri’s marble products made of carved natural stone, timeworn stone and hand worn mosaics among others, have received mention from the American Architectural Record, designating his collection as one of the best construction products (2008). Creating beautiful hand carved marble artwork, bricks, mosaics and flooring has become his moniker in the stone industry. ErthCOVERINGS is a proud Canadian distributor of his hand made marble creations since 2013.


About Timeworn Bricks

Giovanni Barbieri has developed a line of Timeworn and Antique Polished Bricks made by a special process of recycling marble dust. Available in 3”x6” as well as 3”x8” sizes, they are a true representation of aged, hand worn marble. Luxuriously soft to the touch, they truly are a work of art. In the Canadian market, the Timeworn Marble Bricks are one of a kind, distributed only by ErthCoverings.