How To Clean Natural Stone Veneers

29 Jul, 2021

Erth Coverings produces spectacular-quality stone veneers and has revolutionized the industry since 2002. Many homeowners, designers, renovators, builders and architects choose stone veneers because of their powerful impact on a space. Stone veneers can be added to the exterior of your home to highlight accent points. You can also use stone veneers to create a more tranquil setting. Perhaps, adding some stone to the backyard to create your perfect retreat.  


Of course, there are also the interiors that can benefit from a bit of stone. Fireplace mantles and accent walls are the most popular ways of incorporating stone into indoor spaces. However, other places like staircases, washrooms and even wine cellars would make a good fit for stone veneers.


 Erh Coverings has some of the best selection of stone veneers and some of the most beautiful veneers designed specifically for the interior. There is a variety of colours and textures to choose from to make your space come to life. 


Whether your stone veneer is indoors or outdoors, there is something that they have in common – you have to clean them!  Yes,  your stone attractions will need to be cleaned and maintained. Washing stone veneers has to be done the right way. If not, you risk damaging the material and the overall appearance of the stone. Luckily enough, cleaning stone veneer is not complicated, despite what you may think. 


To clean your stone veneers, you're going to need to purchase the right materials. You can use 

Appleby Cleaning & Restoration’s Youtube video to find out the do's and don'ts of how to clean natural stone veneers. 


 Start by using mild dishwashing detergents to clean the stone. It’s best to stay away from harsh cleaning products when it comes to your stone. These products often contain elements like acid, bleach and ammonia. These chemicals can damage the stone and change its appearance. Products containing acid are especially dangerous and will strip stone of its colour and leave it looking old and dull. 


The equipment you need is quite simple. All you need is a sponge or a cloth, a bucket, a hose (for exterior, soft bristle and a ladder or stepping stool. To prevent scratching the stone, ensure your sponge/cloth is soft. 


Stone veneers usually don't require a high-pressured water hose, which means the backyard hose would be perfect for exterior cleaning. The ladder and stepping stool can be used for those hard-to-reach places. As a safety measure, ensure you have a spotter when using the ladder. 


Before you begin cleaning, make sure you read instructions from the stone veneer supplier. There may be additional steps specific to your stone. The next step is to fill your bucket with clean water and add the dishwashing detergent. 


You can use the soft-bristle or a sponge to wipe your stone. In most cases, a sponge will do. However, for those tricky stains, pull out the bristle brush. If cleaning an exterior stone, feel free to use a hose or a power washer to rinse. For interior stone, replace the soapy water with a clean bucket. Then gently wipe the stone down with the water and a clean towel. 


If your stone is newly installed, it is essential to let the wet mortar dry first. If you try to wipe off wet mortar, or grout it may smear. Instead, let it dry to a point where you can scrape it off with a masonry brush. 

Stone veneer can be cleaned as often as you please. Don't be afraid to get out your cleaning supplies when you see fit. High-quality stone like the selection offered by Erth Coverings won't lose colour or texture when cleaned the right way.


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