Natural Stones for Statement Fireplaces

08 Dec, 2021

Imagine driving up to a mountain lodge. You await that warm and homey feeling when entering the lodge. The fireplace is enveloped in a stone masterpiece. You can smell the melted chocolate from your hot cocoa, as you enjoy the warmth surrounded by your loved ones! Fireplaces are an essential part of a lodge and a statement to any home. They are a gathering point for families and a wonderful place to make memories.

Investing in a stacked stone fireplace can add value to your home and increase your living environment. Old brick fireplaces always need a facelift. Over the use of their life, dust, soot and dirt collect into the crevices making it difficult to clean. It will never look as good as it once did. Natural Stone fireplaces age with beauty. Even with their use, these stones will tell a story for years to come.

Thinking of renovating a fireplace? Here are four different types of fireplaces in four different natural stones that would help you achieve a stunning stone masterpiece.

From the the plains of India- West Ridge Mountain Ledgestone 

This is an ideal stone for those looking to add the warm and homey feeling one gets when up to a mountain lodge. This stone is rustic and raw, with a rugged face and natural hewn edges, this series is as natural and raw as it gets. 



When in Greece- Cariboo Rock Face

What is old is new again, and this is true for our Rock Face series. This trend is inspired by the mid century modern style of the 1960's and Palm Springs California, making it suitable for modern and traditional settings. 



A Marble Affair- White Wolf 3D

The 3D Panels series consists of precision-crafted natural stone panels. The pieces are cut with the grain revealing a naturally lighter and enchanting gray-scale colour. These are designed to project a contemporary look by combining the most beautiful characteristics of natural stone with modern design thinking.



From the volcanos to the natural stone- Lavastone

With clean sharp lines and amazing shadow effects, lavastone strips are our most sophisticated creation. Precise cuts allow for easy installation of this contemporary series of natural stones. These clean lines give the fireplace a modern and sophisticated finish and goes extremely well with modern technology and furnishings.