About Erth


Erth produces and distributes high-quality natural stone veneers under the brand Erth Coverings. An innovative brand and a pioneer in the natural stone veneer industry, Erth Coverings is preferred by many renowned designers, architects, renovators, builders, stone cladding professionals and DIYers throughout North America.

We love what we do and we do it very well. Since our inception in 2002, we have strived to be the best that we can be in every aspect of our business, and this shows in the great success and growth that we have experienced. Our stringent quality control and constant efforts to exceed our customers’ expectations, sets us apart.

We love our stone, and we know that you will too.

Erth. Beauty Set in Stone.

Why Erth

Naturally, the best stone veneer for your home.

Erth is recognized for its superior quality, ease-of-use, innovative looks and design flexibility, one that matches with many different tastes and styles.

Make a confident decision. See why Erths' natural stones are the best choice for your home.

Lifetime Warranty

We only develop stone veneers that excel in terms of longevity. As a natural material, stone colours and texture may vary over the years, but our collections are designed to last and to satisfy our customers for life.

Easy to install

You can do it yourself. Our veneers are designed with usability and versatility in mind. Homeowners renovating their homes get great results even when installing the product themselves.

quality control

Every decorative stone goes through a checklist with 42 points of quality control, from raw materials to packaging and delivery.

Designed for efficiency

Home builders and renovators that utilize our products in their projects qualify for extra points toward LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification.


Our panels use 100% post-industrial-waste material. An environmentally-friendly solution that minimizes ecological impacts by maximizing the use of already extracted stones.

Social Responsibility

Our facilities throughout the world are exemplary in terms of a healthy and safe work environment, and promote economic development.

Customer Service

Veneers deemed damaged or unusable can be returned and exchanged at our expense. Our brand prides itself of offering an unmatched customer experience.


Each stone saw used to cut raw material is inspected and calibrated daily according to stringent standards, ensuring straight cut panels and stones that fit tight and leave no gaps after installation.


We source different quarries around the globe in order to offer exclusive lines of products. Our stone selection criteria and our strict assembly procedures help create differentiated collections.

Premium Perception

Our stones create a great impression and elevate the perception of the environment where they are installed and that's why they are the brand of choice for many professionals.


Each slate stone, flat panel or corner panel from a product line are made from the same batch to be consistent in colour and texture. Stone appearance naturally varies, so each lot is inspected prior to shipment.


Our products are warehoused in a climate-controlled environment to reduce colour and texture variation.

TEchnical Support

This website provides all product information available, and in case you are not a DIYer, we can offer on-site support or recommend a certified installer.


Ivan Rapa

A History of Pioneering & Innovation

Erth was established in 2002 by Ivan Rapa. A building renovator by trade, Ivan lived most of his life in Australia, and made Canada his new home in 1998.

Erth was the first company to introduce natural stone veneer panels into Canada. On a return visit to Australia, Ivan was impressed by a new light weight stone covering product. Upon returning home, Ivan discovered that no similar option for stone cladding was available in the country and, in the same year, he succeeded in bringing the first container of stones to Canada. Since then, Erth has evolved into a North American leader in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality and innovative natural stone veneers.

Since its inception, Ivan envisioned his company to be a pioneer in natural stone following the latest trends in home design and renovation to confer an outstanding, premium finish for exterior and interior walls and floors, keeping ease-of-use, efficiency and sustainability always in mind. This philosophy is applied to everything Erth produces.


Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision
To become North America’s most admired natural stone veneer brand for homeowners, designers and professionals.

Our Mission
To develop fashionable, high-quality and sustainable natural stone veneer products that people are inspired to use in their homes.


Our Philosophy and Commitment


ErthCoverings was the first company to introduce natural stones and panels into Canada in 2002. We keep on looking for new alternatives, new opportunities, new methods. Forward thinking and smart ideas motivate us.


Since the world is constantly changing, our brand strives to think ahead for design trends, new installation techniques and sustainable materials.


Just like a stone shaped by nature throughout millions of years, we know that perfection is created by a continual, endless, and never ceasing effort. We believe that constant improvement of our products and processes, as well as planning and development of new collections, are fundamental to be regarded as a trendsetting veneer brand that offers innovative designs.


We imprint quality in every aspect of our product, in our service and after-sales support. Our stones follow rigid quality control checks during extraction, assembly, packaging, shipment and delivery. We know consistency is key to satisfy our customer expectations when they choose the best decorative stones.


Respect, loyalty and care are the base of everything we do. We respect people: our global staff and partners for their dedication, our dealers and distributors for their knowledge about our natural stones and panels, and our customers for their preference. We know that every person that holds Erth in high-esteem helps us solidify our name as a well-regarded veneer brand.

eco friendly

Our products are developed with their impact on the planet, the surrounding communities, and the people we partner with in mind. When someone buys an ErthCoverings box of stone veneers, they can be sure they are purchasing a socially responsible, environmentally friendly and energy efficient product. We only work with responsible quarries that use the most current extraction procedures, and our stones are produced making use of raw materials that would be considered post-industrial-waste in order to reduce the consumption of natural resources.


Our stone veneers are developed to create a great impression, to inspire pride of ownership and are designed to last. This is why Erth always invests in product development to be able to offer fresh looks, new styles, unique textures and patterns, and clever methods of installation and application.