Natural Material Trends For 2021

07 Jul, 2021

We are all looking for new elements to incorporate into the design of our homes. Let's be frank after a while, old designs become stale and boring. Anytime you walk into a space, you should feel excited and comfortable. When the excitement begins to fade, it is time to spark up a design and incorporate something new. 


A growing trend is to include natural elements in your designs. Architectural Digest named 5 Materials That Are Trending in the Home: Bold Stone, Natural Woods, and More. And what do all these materials have in common? They’re all natural! Yes, natural materials have inherent beauty to them and can also provide functional usage in your space. They are especially great for homes with smaller yard spaces. Being able to highlight nature can help a space feel more open or bring life during winter’s cold and dark months.


Natural materials will have your home vibrant, fresh and breezy in no time. The pandemic has made us feel more connected to nature than ever before. More people are spending time exploring parks and taking hikes. There is a growing urge to bring natural elements into the home. The trend of using natural materials doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. Feel free to indulge in new pieces without worrying or feeling the designer's remorse in a couple of months.


The most popular materials to use for interior and exterior spaces are stones or tactile materials like rattan, cork, bamboo and seagrass. Here are some of the many ways to incorporate natural materials into the home.




Stone is a material that is durable and can add plenty of texture to a space. It can also be used on a smooth surface. Many homes feature stone for counters, but it can also create stunning appeal when used on walls and floors. Many trends are moving back towards stone mantles, especially when using darker shades because it adds a modern, sleek and down-to-earth look. Stone can also be used as statement pieces. Look for unique pieces or colours that feature stone like you would a work of art.




Seagrass is making an epic resurgence. The material was in almost every home in the 1970s. Now in 2021, more homes are featuring the material. Seagrass is versatile and comes in many forms. Many designers use it to add texture and warmth to a space.

The fibre can be used in different ways. One popular form is rugs or carpets. Seagrass rugs are highly durable and last a long time. Not only is it non-absorbent, but it does not attract dirt and dust because it is static-free.




Rattan is another material that has made a comeback. Rattan is commonly associated with coastal or bohemian vibes. It is a material that invokes relaxation. Rattan furniture also gives a casual look, so it is no wonder why it is increasing in popularity.


A few ways to incorporate rattan include the Bohemian style. This style has an eclectic appeal due to its unique patterns, colours and patterns vying for your attention. The ideal is to incorporate pieces of furniture that do not match—for instance, using a rattan chair in a space with a colourful portrait and various shades of pillows. The rattan will give a relaxed feel to the area.


Rattan, like many natural materials, can bring a neutral tone to any space. Many people use rattan headboards in the bedroom. However, you can also feature rattan in the backyard using rattan chairs or tables.




The final material is cork. According to Sheerluxe 2020  blog, Cork is the Interior trend to watch. And in 2021, not much has changed. This material is commonly used for smaller items like small trays, bowls and even napkin rings. Cork is a great sustainable feature in a home. Cork is an excellent material if you want to introduce warmth, texture and a feeling of comfort to your space.

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