Herewith the testimonial (Colin and Justin)

25 Oct, 2019

When we find an exciting product with which we can lavish one of our transformations, we’re always thrilled to use it at the first opportunity. That’s why, upon discovering Erth Coverings, we used it at Long Beach, a cottage project we recently completed in Haliburton, Ontario. 

It’s fair to say the real stone veneer has completely re-identified a formerly wood clad chimney, and the fireplace inside the cottage.  Even our stonemason remarked it was one of the best products he’s ever worked with.  Okay there are some lesser quality faux stone - or composite - products on the market, but the Erth Coverings material we chose is 100% real stone and the difference is night and day.

From price point, to quality of manufacture and ease of installation, we’re thrilled to have specified Erth Coverings, and we look forward to enhancing future builds with the quality material.

Colin and Justin, TV Designers.