Backyard natural stone veneer applications

26 Jun, 2020

Your backyard is the ultimate space for entertaining. Host events like anniversary parties, birthday parties, and work promotions in a private oasis where everything is customized to your personal taste level.

If you’re not much of a party planner, having a stunning backyard is still incredible. Imagine a place where you can relax after a hard day. Or, a delightful area to have family dinner outside when the weather is warm.

Whatever your reason is for wanting a backyard that fits your personality, you can make it happen. In fact, there are lots of ways to make your dreams come true and materials to help you get there.

An excellent option is choosing to use natural stone veneer products since they’re beautiful, easy to install, maintain, and last a very long time. Moreover, you can use them for all kinds of applications in your backyard and watch your landscape go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Before you begin, make sure to plan your backyard upgrade thoroughly. You’ll want to consider your wants, needs, budget, and materials required for your project. Then, start brainstorming your masterpiece. Here are a few backyard ideas for natural stone veneer applications.  


Add natural stone veneer to your garden


A flower or vegetable garden may seem incomplete without a frame or border wall. You might consider using wood or brick to line your greenery. However, you’ll have more colour coordination options with backyard stones.

For a sophisticated look with lots of texture, try choosing a product like Fossil Splitface. This natural stone veneer is made from marble and offers a terrific mix of soft grey tones. It’s a great choice because many flower and vegetable colours won’t have to compete with this neutral stone. You also won’t be limited in the future because this stone’s colour palette goes with almost everything. 

If you’re looking for a stone with colour variation, try Tundra Rock Face. This product is hand-split from natural quartzite and features a wonderful range of colours. 

For instance, it features a mixture of blues, greys, and warm beiges with a rugged texture, making it a beautiful organic stone. Picture using it in both contemporary and traditional atmospheres and watch it add depth to every application. 


Make your patio pop with natural stone veneer


An outdoor patio is a place where you can barbeque, sit at a table with family and friends, and much more. By using patio stone veneer, you can give your backyard a modern look with excellent durability. 

Depending on the look you want to achieve, consider selecting a natural stone veneer from the Pebble Series. If your desire is to have a modern appearance, choose Blustone Pebble for your outdoor patio project. This smooth limestone product is versatile and works in a variety of settings. 

On the other hand, choose Sage River Pebble for a more organic look.  This river pebbles product features soft greens, browns, blues, beiges, and greys. Gazing upon these stones will remind you of seeing a riverbed through clear water filled with natural shapes and colours. It is an exceptional choice for nature lovers. 


Surround your swimming pool with natural stone veneer


If you have an outdoor swimming pool, make it dazzling with the addition of natural stone veneer. Use stones to line the ground around your pool, or build a feature wall if your backyard swimming area is against a flat surface. 

For example, a superb option to accent your swimming pool is Blustone Splitface. This limestone product features rich textures and a rustic look that’s perfect for the outdoors. When the sun goes down, strategic lighting showcases the natural ridges of this stone, making it dynamic even at night. 

If you’re looking for a more neutral stone, try Silver Fox Strips. This elegant product provides an ultra-modern look with crisp lines and a contemporary grey palette. Made with limestone, Silver Fox Strips offer clean lines and seamless installation without requiring grouting. 

We hope that these ideas spark your imagination and help you decide which products to choose for your backyard oasis. Browse through our Inspiration Gallery for more natural stone veneer designs. Feel free to contact us when you’re ready to start your backyard project. We’re happy to help!


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