Leading the natural stone veneer industry

26 Nov, 2019

Since the very beginning, Erth Coverings set out a plan to become the leader in the natural stone veneer industry. This plan was drafted in 2002 by our founder and President Ivan Rapa and continues to be the foundation of our company. To be the leader in an industry one must lead by example and motivate others towards a common goal. It is our hope at Erth Coverings that we provide enough incentive for others in the industry to follow our lead.

Our goal at Erth Coverings is to make natural stone veneers a user and environmentally friendly industry. In collaboration with testing bodies and engineering firms, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the installation techniques that we establish for our products. Furthermore, by working with our global suppliers we are always looking for new ways to recycle and reuse post industrial waste for the production of our natural stone veneers.  Finally, by producing thin stone veneers at the maximum thickness required to achieve the desired look, and the minimum thickness required to ensure safe passage of the stone, we are reducing the carbon footprint of natural stone veneers.

It is our belief that natural stone veneers, and thin brick veneers, will become common place in all construction projects. The cost benefits of installing natural stone veneers compared with traditional full bed stone is huge. On average, natural stone veneers cost 2 to 3 times less to install that full bed natural stone, and take 2 to 3 times less time to complete a project. Furthermore, natural stone veneers are compact and require less space on site, further reducing costs and congestion on the job site.

The environmental impact of natural stone veneers is also so much less than traditional full bed stone. This reduced impact occurs on multiple levels. Firstly, every cubic foot of natural stone extracted from the ground will produce approximately 2 square feet of traditional full bed masonry. This same cubic foot of natural stone however will produce approximately 10 square feet of natural stone veneers. This alone is a huge environmental benefit. Furthermore, a truckload of traditional natural stone will carry approximately 800 square feet of material, compared with 4200 square feet of natural stone veneers. The reduced emissions of shipping each square foot of natural stone veneers is greater than 500%.

At Erth Coverings, we are committed to doing our part to make the natural stone industry a green and sustainable industry. We will continue to raise the bar in hopes that others in the industry will follow our lead.