Making a statement with your wall!

12 Dec, 2019

A highly customizable but largely overlooked area of the home is probably right in front of you right now – the walls. Each room in your home has at least a couple, but aside from paint colour, why are these expansive, blank canvasses largely left empty? Give your walls a shot in the spotlight this year, with these hot wall treatment trends to try right now.

Whether you’re renovating your whole home from top to bottom, or redecorating just one or two rooms, remember that regardless of your projects scale or scope, don’t waste a single inch of space. After all, it’s a limited resource, so make the most of every corner. Thoughtful finishes and a few unexpected choices can turn otherwise overlooked, underused areas of the home into a new-found focus.



Geometrics have been trending the last five years or so, but they have evolved from wallpapers of the past, in terms of today’s trending shapes and materials. Hexagon tiles are the latest iteration of geometric wall coverings, a trend that has found its way to flooring and backsplashes as well. this six-sided form is complex yet understated and unexpected, all at once. Shape is a great way to modernize a classic colour palette and material, such as ceramic or marble. One of my favourite is the new “White Wolf” Hex tile by Erth Coverings.

Trend To Watch: Watch for layering of materials applied within one space. Different mediums and aesthetics, such as rustic hardwood alongside meticulously cut, modern marble tile, will bring variety and help highlight your home’s best features.


Organic Edges!

Imperfectly perfect – this is the aesthetic goal of this particular wall trend, which exploits the natural attributes of organic materials and their uneven patterns, colours and edges. This tile style is elegant enough o take on a formal space 9imagine a living room feature wall) but certainly practical enough to survive the wear and tear of a kitchen or bathroom. This wall treatment is commonly seen on kitchen backsplashes, but has worked its way into bathrooms, living areas and entryways with gusto.


Sara Bederman is the principal designer and owner of Sara Bederman Design.

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