DIY vs The Pros: Tile Installation Edition

22 Jun, 2021

They say there are only two seasons in Canada. The first season is the winter season. The second season is for home renovations. We are spending a lot more time inside than ever before. Which means you’ve probably spent too much time looking at those gaudy washroom tiles. How many times have we said to ourselves we would get around to it one day. Well, that day has come.


Once you’ve committed to your home renovations, it is time to consider how to proceed with your project. Should you hire a professional or go the do-it-yourself route? For some ideas on what projects to leave to the professionals, read Beginning In The Middle’s blog: To DIY or Not To DIY: Hire the Pros vs Bring in the Joes here.


Both DIY and professionally done projects have a list of pros and cons. There are several key components to consider when choosing between the two. For instance, what is the budget for a project, how confident are you in your abilities? You should also consider timelines and materials. To support you in making your decision, we have a list of key questions you should ask yourself before taking the plunge. 


Do you have the time?  


Although every project is unique, one thing is usually certain: the project will take time. Depending on the project’s demands, some house renovations can take a month, a week or even a year. Some other elements to consider may be out of your control which can impact time as well. You need to consider whether you can dedicate the necessary attention to complete the project or if other events in your life have your attention. Is work demanding a lot of your time? Perhaps you've told the kids you were going to spend more time together this summer.  


More often than not, the house projects that linger around the house result from us not committing an ample amount of time to a project. If you don't have the time, then hiring a professional may be the best choice. 


Do You Have The Funds For Tile Installation?   


When you are doing a project yourself, it usually costs less. Your expenses will likely be materials and possible equipment. You don't have to worry about labour because you will be supplying the elbow grease. Installing a tile floor or a backsplash may cost anywhere between $800 - $1200 if you do the work yourself. The general rule for estimating the professional cost of installation is taking a DIY price and multiplying by two. 


Hiring a professional can be expensive. If you are trying to save on costs, then the best option is DIY. 


Do you have the skills?  


Let's face it, we all think highly of ourselves. However, there are times when it can be of real benefit to be brutally honest. When it comes to home renovations, it is essential to make sure our ego doesn't get in the way. Projects may vary when it comes to necessary skills. However, just because you saw contractors installing a kitchen backsplash in a 45-minute show on HGTV doesn't mean it will be that easy for you. If you've done the project before or have helped a friend in the past, then by all means. There are great sources online that can help with DIY. However, the greater the difficulty of the project, the more likely you should hire a professional. Sanding the deck in the backyard is a lot harder than repairing or building a deck from scratch. Another important note is safety. You want to ensure the safety of everyone in the house. It is safer to hire a professional to do the job than put your ego aside and hire a contractor.

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