Palm Springs Inspirational

14 Mar, 2019

At ErthCOVERINGS, we love what we do and we do it well. This is especially true when it comes to my job. As the owner and president of Erth Inc., I often get to travel the world in search of new products, new suppliers, and for inspiration. This works great for me as I love to travel, I love adventure, and I love everything to do with Architecture.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of spending one week in Palm Springs California. Although this was a business trip, my wife joined me and together we took the time to explore this true oasis. The city is known for its hot springs (although none could be found on our trip), stylish hotels, vintage boutiques, interior design stores, and restaurants. It's specifically known for its fine examples of mid-century modern architecture, and that could not make me any happier.

The weather was cool for this time of year (so we were told by the locals). We were quite happy with the temperature being in the high teens and having the sun's rays beating down on our faces. Between business meetings and functions, we took to the streets to explore everything that Palm Springs had to offer. A rainstorm the week prior hampered our efforts to hit the many renowned hiking trails scattered throughout Palm Springs, but it didn't prevent us from racking up the steps on our smart phones. As we toured the streets, travelling from one subdivision to the other, we ventured upon home after home that were a visual treat. As we happened to be in Palm Springs during the annual Modernism Week, we did not feel out of place when we stood in the middle of the street and snapped pictures of the inspiring homes that we came across. Nor did anyone call the police when we were caught peering into yards. The locals were so pleasant that they simply smiled and waved at us from inside their homes. While I snapped photos and gazed at the homes around me, my wife was compiling a wish list for back home. I quickly realized this was going to be a costly trip!

As we traversed from one neighbourhood to another, there were subtle changes in the style of architecture, but many features remained consistent. Most homes were bungalows with low sloped roofs. White was the colour of choice for most exterior (and interior) walls, house numbers were large, front doors were typically bright and colourful, and the element most often used as an accent was natural stone! Natural stone was used throughout all of Palm Springs. It seemed as though every second home had some sort of stone feature. Our hotel had a stone facade. Our favorite restaurant had a stunning stone feature wall. And the local coffee shop where we obtained our morning fix of caffeine was clad in stone from front to back. It was clear that natural stone was a material of choice for many past and present architects in Palm Springs.

The neighbourhoods of Palm Springs were designed and built in the 1950’s by renowned architects. Many homes have been renovated recently with homeowners maintaining the original look and feel of the homes. These homes seemed timeless, like they had been there forever, but built yesterday. What stood out the most was that the homes with natural stone features and facades seemed to fit best in this unique oasis in the middle of the Sonoran Desert.

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