The New Art of Stone

26 Jun, 2019


Written by Jennifer Merceica


Natural stone veneers have become increasingly popular as a decorative cladding inside and outside the home. Trends in exterior cladding and natural stone veneer applications have given rise to new and creative ways to take outside exteriors to a whole new level.

The unique features of natural stone and the endless design possibilities can add value to your home, while their durability will stand the test of time better than most outdoor materials. Whether it’s walls, outdoor kitchens and or water features, they are simply all the rage. Today’s natural stone veneers are much easier to install than traditional bed stone, and the cost of purchasing and installing a natural stone façade has decreased dramatically over the years.

Ivan Rapa, President and CEO of Erth Inc. in Ontario is the producer of Erth Coverings, a natural stone veneer. Erth has been successful for almost 20 years by staying tuned into the latest trends and designs; choosing the best materials, employing best practices and embracing new technologies that exceed industry standards. 

“Natural stone has great curb appeal. It’s textured. It’s rich looking and has always been associated with high-end construction,” says Rapa.

It’s like having an expensive car parked in the driveway and is a popular choice among homeowners looking to add their own personal touch and level up any exterior area of their home.

When natural stone veneers first became popular, they were typically made up of smaller pieces; however today larger pieces seem to be making a comeback; tradition meets customization. The rugged raw edges and the natural look of stone veneers are reminiscent of the ‘50s and ’60s, according to Rapa.

As stone masonry becomes somewhat of a fleeting art, prefinished stone products can help homeowners and contractors achieve a long-lasting, easy to maintain, stone look. Adding texture and character to your outdoor space with a natural stone veneer can be an expression of your own creativity, without the need for highly specialized skills!

To find the right materials and the colours that meet your preferences and suit your needs, look no further than Erth coverings veneers. Browse our natural stone veneers: Farm Blend and Masonry Blend