Advantages of Stone Veneer

05 Jul, 2019

To say that natural stone veneer is currently experiencing a bit of a spotlight in home design is a bit of an understatement. Examples of stone veneer are literally popping up all over social media, and the evidence is clear - people love the advantages stone veneer provides, and the trend is catching on like never before. 

The rough, yet elegant, beauty all the various colours and textures provide is simply staggering and classifies natural stone veneer as the perfect accent to any room.

Once you try it for yourself, you’ll notice the difference right away. One of the many advantages stone veneer provides is adding an earthy kind of touch to every room. It’s a feeling that resonates throughout the entirety of your chosen interior space, providing the sense that the natural world itself is inviting you into some kind of ancient, long forgotten embrace.

It’s a truly majestic addition to any home and is most definitely sweeping the home décor nation right now. So, in the spirit of this home décor craze, here are some of the biggest advantages of stone veneer.


Spectacular Exterior Accents

Another one of the most spectacular advantages of stone veneer is that it can be used in a wide variety of exterior applications. Just like the advantages of stone veneer in an interior setting, its exterior applications add a great deal of charm and style to any home.

For instance, consider the simple elegance of adding a light natural stone to a dark exterior colour. Or perhaps feast your imagination upon the idea of using natural stone veneers to bring out the sophisticated traditional features of your vintage-style siding.

Encapsulating your home in all the advantages that stone veneer provides is about as close to living in a castle as we’re likely to get in this modern era. So, if you want to feel like the lord or lady of your own home, we recommend the tasteful incorporation of natural stone veneers onto your home’s exterior.


Doorways with Style

Have you ever wanted to feel like your home was a doorway to another world? Have you ever drifted listlessly through your halls and desired to enter a magical land of days-gone-by, where adventures are plentiful and excitement a guarantee? Because there is a way, through the natural advantage of stone veneers!

As one of the more little-known applications of natural stone veneer in your home, framing a doorway or passageway with this popular material is about as close as you can get to turning your home into an enchanted forest.

But, even for those of the less fantastically-inclined persuasion, taking advantage of stone veneers in the home provides a truly remarkable sensation of residential pride and comfort. Whether you choose light, dark, or mid-range tones, it’s an interior décor decision you’ll love forever.


Bathrooms made Elegant

Forget having to deal with the humdrum of daily life. When you transform your master ensuite from ordinary to extraordinary, you’ll feel enamoured at the thought of retreating into your own personal spa each and every day.

The primary advantage of stone veneers in the bathroom is that it creates a wonderful environment of peace and relaxation. There’s something extremely tranquil about the combination of flowing water and natural stone existing in the same space.

Perfect additions to this custom personal spa include heated floors, custom towel racks, and of course, scented candles. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to create your own spa at home, largely through the excellent advantages of stone veneers.


The Clear Advantage of Stone Veneer

Using natural stone veneers to accentuate your home, your world, and your life isn’t just a trend that’s sweeping all of North America, and indeed the world-at-large. It’s a great way to transform your home into a gorgeous work of art that immediately connects you with nature, both inside and outside your home.