When is the right time for home renovations

28 Oct, 2021

Since the pandemic, home renovations have become an essential part of interior design. With more jobs switching from office work to remote, many people find themselves upgrading every part of their home. From creating accent walls to upgrading fireplaces, your home can become a sanctuary for a productive workday and a warm, comforting evening.


With the harsh winters we Ontario-an’s face, spring is when many Canadians start their renovation projects. Interior renovations can be done all year round. Right now would be the perfect time to put together a plan and design for your fireplace facelift. You can feel the holidays with a beautiful Basalt surrounding a roasting fire. Our Basalt veneers are designed to maximally project the beauty and essence of natural stone through cuts that unlock its stunning, naturally occurring striations and intricately formed patterns.


Why natural stone? According to realtors, natural stone veneers are an investment in your home. Many realtors state that an average natural stone veneer project will increase the property value up to 95% of its cost. 


Imagine your next Zoom call meeting, instead of having a background filter, you can have a beautiful Lavastone accent wall. If you are ready for a change, the right time for a home renovation could be now.