Choosing the perfect location for your stone accent wall

06 Jan, 2020

A natural stone accent wall adds subtle enhancement or dramatic effect to any room. If you’re in the market to freshen up your decor or incorporate a new feature to increase the value of your home, natural stone veneers are an excellent choice.

Walls are an important structural element, but when left untreated become a missed opportunity for home decor. Imagine them as your blank canvas, ready to receive your creative inspiration. 

Artwork and a fancy paint colour can dress up your wall, but why not create a feature that will stand out and impress your guests? A natural stone accent wall is the answer to your design aspirations. 

Thin veneer natural stone products are easy to install and maintain. They look like they could only have been installed by a professional, but the truth is that you can install them yourself with patience and instructions. 

If you live in a small space, a stone accent wall can add personality to your home without taking up a lot of room. In a large space, an accent wall enhances an existing neutral tone or adds levels of texture to a contrasting environment. 

Natural stone veneers are available in a variety of styles and colours, so finding the right match for your home decor is usually quick and painless. 


Carefully choose the location of your stone accent wall. 

Before you begin choosing your natural stone products, analyze your room and decide what you are going to change. If creating a natural stone accent wall is your only task, you can skip ahead to selecting your products. However, there’s more to consider if you are updating more than your wall.

Any renovations to the area surrounding your stone accent wall should be considered when planning your project. Complete tasks like painting, installing electrical wiring or repairing drywall before starting your masterpiece. 

When you have finished your accent wall, it will need to rest for at least a day before you can hang pictures or other decor pieces. Disturbing the wall too early prevents it from setting properly. 


Take your time selecting the perfect natural stone product. 

When deciding which natural stone product to use for your accent wall, bringing a sample of your room’s paint colour with you to the store is helpful. Providing the sales representative with as much information as possible will make your selection process more effective. 

For example, if you’d like a rock accent wall in your living room, take photos or videos of the space where the wall will be installed and its surrounding area. It’s also helpful to have pictures that were taken at various times of the day since colours can appear differently depending on levels of light. 

Don’t limit yourself to installing an accent wall only inside your home. Many natural stone products from Erth Coverings can be applied to exterior walls, too. With this convenient product versatility, you have the option of choosing a different stone per area or using the same stone inside and outside of your home, like Natural Tundra Rock Face

Using a single natural stone product line in various areas of your home is a great way to introduce continuity and coordination. The various organic shades in Natural Tundra Rock Face make it a beautiful choice for indoor and outdoor applications. Imagine using it to frame your front door and line your foyer. 


Sample twice, buy once.

Just like when you bring home a paint sample to try out on your wall, the same goes for your natural stone. Ask a sales representative if you can take a sample of your favourite selection home to see how it looks in your room before committing to an entire order. The last thing that you want to have happened is getting your stone back home only to discover that you no longer love the look.  


To find the right materials and the colours that meet your preferences and suit your needs, look no further than Erth coverings veneers. Browse our Interior Stone Veneer