Indoor natural stone applications

03 Feb, 2020

With the arrival of a Canadian winter comes an overwhelming need to retreat indoors to stay warm. Avoid cursing being stuck inside because the chilly weather won’t last forever. Instead, use your time to enhance your décor with natural stone applications. 

During the coldest months of the year, you’ll spend more time sitting in front of a warm fireplace, making hot cocoa in your kitchen and taking long, hot showers. Your home is your retreat from the outside world and your personal sanctuary. Unify your most popular spaces with natural stone applications. It’s an easy way to turn mundane interior design into a marvellous masterpiece. 

Your home deserves accents that truly reflect the individuality of your taste. Express yourself with natural stone veneers that improve and add value to your surroundings.  Keep reading to discover a variety of areas inside your home that can be updated with natural stone applications.


Indoor Natural Stone Applications

Interior décor is improved by the incorporation of a variety of levels and textures. Add breathtakingly gorgeous dimensions to multiple areas of your home by choosing natural stone products that renew tired and dated finishes. 

Begin by establishing your design intention. Next, decide if you want your room to have dynamic contrast or showcase harmony. Select a natural stone that achieves your desired effect by browsing the selections that Erth Coverings has to offer and let your imagination run wild.  


1. Highlight your foyer 

An excellent place for a natural stone accent wall is your foyer. After all, this is the first place guests see when they enter your home and where they remove their heavy winter apparel. Your entryway is a perfect area to include elements of texture. Find time for the entrance of your home by scheduling a few days this winter to tackle this project. A versatile natural stone featuring elegant lines that’s splendid for a neutral foyer craving attention is Smokey Mountain Ledgestone Panels.


2. Unify your living room 

Upgrade your living room by refacing your fireplace with natural stone veneers. During the winter, your fireplace becomes a popular place to warm cold toes, dry wet mittens and cuddle up with loved ones. A bare or old-fashioned fireplace is a missed opportunity for a stunning focal point. Add balance to your living room with Lavastone Strips. This beautiful charcoal basalt stone creates contrast in light atmospheres, and adds levels of depth to dark environments with its varying shades of grey.


3. Create a kitchen spotlight

Wintertime is filled with holidays, home-cooked meals and baking to your heart’s content. Your kitchen is a great place to spend time with family and an excellent destination for activities during winter break. Protect your kitchen’s backsplash with natural stone veneers and personalize the space between your cabinet and countertop. 

Brighten your kitchen décor with a natural stone product like Cream Quartzite 3D Panels. Quartz stone veneer is durable, easy to clean and adds a natural texture to your backsplash. You’ll love this natural stone’s delicate details and organic beauty.


4. Design a dazzling bathroom 

Stepping into a warm shower at the end of a long and cold winter day is heaven. Feeling hot water cascade over sore muscles and aching joints is enough to make you forget about the stresses of your day. Transform your bathroom into a masterpiece with natural stone applications that take your décor to a new level of luxury.

Ivory Blend River Pebbles offer a special combination of natural tones and textures destined to upgrade bathroom backsplashes, shower floors and more. This product provides a rustic look and easily becomes an exquisite focal point filled with comforting beige hues and graceful patterns.


To find the right materials and the colours that meet your preferences and suit your needs, look no further than Erth coverings veneers. Browse our Stone Backsplash