Get Rocking with Summer Stone Veneers

31 May, 2019

The sunshine is on its way, and that means that outdoor grilling, lazy afternoons, and late nights with friends are right around the corner. That’s why now is the best time to think about what the right stone veneer can do not only for your indoor space but your outdoor spaces as well. Here are just some inspiring ways you can use the natural stone veneers supplied by Erth Coverings to really make your home pop with character and beauty.




Let’s face it, we all spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Whether it’s to whip up something quick for the kids or to wow the whole family with some gourmet-type food wonders, it goes without saying that if your kitchen space is beautiful you’ll love the time you spend there. Incorporating an accent wall using the White Wolf or Lavastone shades from the Large Strip series adds an undeniable level of chic and lustre to your kitchen in a very natural and inviting way.

Try placing the wall around where your refrigerator is located or even along the counter’s backsplash. You could even dedicate an entire supporting wall to its accent aspirations and really give your kitchen an authentic rustic feel.



If you consider just how much time we typically spend in our bedrooms every day, you’ll come to realize just how important it is for this space to feel comforting and inviting. That’s where adding a stone veneer accent wall really comes in handy. With the right choice of veneer, your bedroom space will look and feel like a charming mountain lodge without ever leaving the room! For this application, some of the most perfect choices include the Cedarstone and Coral White colours from the pre-eminent Strip series.

You can, of course, choose any wall upon which to apply these remarkable stone veneers, however, we recommend choosing the wall that your bed’s headboard sits against. It really brings the room together in a strong and cohesive way.




Grill and Patio Area

To many peoples’ sensibilities, it is areas like these for which stone veneers are ideally suited. You can apply any natural veneer of your choice to the entire grilling podium, as a backsplash to the seating area or anywhere else you choose. In an outdoor setting, Erth Coverings’ natural stone veneers really come alive and add a sublime sense of enjoyment and grandeur to any space. For this kind of application, we recommend going with Sierra Plains or Mount Rundle from the Mountain Ledgestone series.


Home Exterior

It should come as no surprise that natural stone veneers work exceedingly well in exterior applications for your home equally as well as they do for interior applications. One prime example is turning your main entrance wall into its own accent extravaganza. This can be done using veneers like the Mountain Grey Ledgestone and Smokey Mountain Ledgestone from the Panel series.

This works to set the tone for your entire home as it literally sets the mood and style for your living space before even going through the door.



One of the more ingenious uses of Erth Coverings’ natural stone veneers is in landscaping applications. If your garden is in need of some attention and you want to spruce it up a little bit, you can’t go wrong with adding some Durango veneers from the Pebble series to introduce a sense of rustic refinement.

Another great use of these types of veneers is as an accompaniment to a garden path or walkway, creating your own little enchanted forest in your own backyard.

Whatever your summer projects are this year, adding some exquisite natural stone veneers to your home is always an inspired choice, and Erth Coverings is here to help make your project dreams become a reality.