Add Value and Increase ROI

30 Oct, 2019

Add Value and Increase ROI with Natural Stone Veneers.

As a designer, builder, renovator or homeowner, we are always looking for ways to add value to a project without breaking the bank. Natural stone veneer ranks one of the top home improvements for return on investment (ROI). The reason for this is due to the fact that natural stone continues to exude affluence and wealth, yet the cost of installing natural stone veneer is much less than one would think. This results in a higher perceived value. The versatility of natural stone veneers also allows for its use in a multitude of applications such as bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, fireplace refacing, interior feature walls, exterior feature walls and exterior landscape features. Furthermore, natural stone veneer projects can typically be completed in less than two days, can be applied to existing walls, and come in a wide variety of colours and styles to suit any style of home.


Interior stone walls

Stone has been used inside homes for centuries. The use of stone often came from necessity. For example, stone was used for the construction of fireplace structures due to the fact that natural stone is a non-combustible material. Furthermore, load bearing walls were constructed from stone due to the stones ability to carry significant weight. As building methods have developed however, the use of stone in its traditional form is no longer required. This comes as a blessing as full bed natural stone is very costly nowadays for numerous reasons including the cost of transportation, the cost of installation and shortage of masons, and the need for footings and foundations to carry the weight of the stone. Thin natural stone veneers are made so well nowadays days that one cannot distinguish them from their full bed counterpart. As a result, more and more architects, designers, builders and contractors are using thin natural stone veneers on their projects.


Exterior refacing.

Due to the affluence and wealth that stone emanates, the use of stone on exteriors can provide incredible curb appeal and increase the value of a home. Natural stone veneers are durable and maintenance free. They can be installed quickly and easily with little or sometimes no modifications to the existing structure, and when used in conjunction with other materials, they have the ability to transform the look of a home overnight. Repeatedly, the installation of natural stone veneers on the exterior of a home has ranked one of the top renovation projects on cost vs value annual reports conducted by numerous industry leading surveys across North America. It is for this reason, along with the ease of installation of natural stone veneers that the use of natural stone veneers continues to grow year over year.