9 Frequently Asked Questions | ERTH FAQ

26 Aug, 2021

Erth Coverings is recognized as a North American leader in the distribution and manufacturing of high-quality and innovative natural stone veneers. Established almost 20 years ago, Erth continues to lead the way forward with design trends, new installation techniques and sustainable materials.  


The constant improvement in our products and processes, as well as planning and development of new collections, are fundamental to be regarded as a trendsetting veneer brand that offers innovative designs.


Below you’ll find the answers to our most commonly asked questions.


1. What is a natural stone veneer? 


Natural stone veneer is made from real stone quarried straight from the earth with no cement, colouring, moulds or manufactured materials added or mixed into the stone. Natural stone veneers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, which makes them a popular choice.


 Some of the benefits of natural stone veneer include their naturally beautiful appearance, durability and usually come in colours that will not fade or be washed out.  

2. Will a stone house be expensive to heat? 


Stones are considered good conductors since they can quickly transfer heat. Although stone houses may take a long time to heat up, once they heat up, they can stay warm for longer. Which means stone houses are very energy efficient. Steady, low-temperature heating can heat the whole home. 


However, a poorly insulated stone house will retain too much heat in the summer and release too much heat in the winter. So make sure your stone home is properly insulated.


3. Which is better for exterior walls, wood, vinyl, bricks, or natural stone veneers? 


Vinyl is probably the most popular material used for exterior wall siding because of its versatility, cost, and ability to be recycled easily.


 Metal wall panels are used primarily for commercial buildings but may cause corrosion depending on other materials used. 


Brick veneer is most commonly used in homes. It not only provides an aesthetically beautiful appearance but is strong and eco-friendly as well. The main downside of using brick is that it is costly and does not have as many colours as other options. 


If you are looking for a natural look and feel to your exterior stone cladding, then stone siding is your best choice. Renowned for its easy maintenance, sturdiness and versatility, stones are great for insulation against harsh, cold weather. 


4. Is stone veneer cheaper than brick?


Deciding between stone and brick?  Price is an important factor when considering which material is best for you.  It comes as no surprise that brick is more commonly used when installing homes. This is because bricks have a lower installation price. However, despite brick being less expensive installation-wise, natural stone is probably slightly more expensive than brick because it’s less accessible.


5. Does stone veneer increase home value?


Yes, natural stone veneers can add tremendous value to your home. One of the best ways to add value is by incorporating natural stone veneer columns, entryways, and sidings. Adding stone veneers to your home in this way can increase your curb appeal, which increases the value of your home.

6. How do you install a stone veneer at the front of the house?  


Erth Coverings products are installed similar to tiles, except it requires no grout joints. These stone veneers should be installed with staggered joints, similar to laying hardwood. Take a look at our blog here, where we discuss how to install stone veneers.


7. What stone is the best stone for the fireplace? 


Natural stone veneer products are by far the best choice when looking to design a new fireplace


8. Are stone veneers hard to maintain? 


One of the best things about stone veneers is they are relatively simple to maintain and even easier to clean. For a list of materials and to-dos, look at our blog, How To Clean Natural Stone Veneers.


9. How do you fix stone veneers?


Whether you are installing stone veneer sidings or tiles, like all good things, eventually, the material will show its age. Click here for a blog on how to recapture that pristine look. 


Find the right materials and colours that meet your preferences and suit your needs, browse our collection of natural stone veneers.